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Perfume Life is Beautiful

By Lioudmila Souglobova
Published August 22,2013

discount_ladies_fragrancesWhat are the first thoughts that come to you when you hear the words:  Life is beautiful? What do you feel? What do you see in your mind?  Helen Keller said: “The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

discount_lalique_perfumes_onlineOur life is so busy. We are in a hurry to grow, to learn, to achieve, to make, to meet, to love and be loved.  And this is a beautiful life. Time flies away so fast. But every moment of it is your life. What makes you feel that life is beautiful? The warm and bright ray of sunshine on your still closed eyelids when you just wake up in the morning. Or maybe, the smile of a stranger, who just glanced at you. Or perhaps, a light wind that just played with your hair.

Amazingly enough, you may not have even noticed it, but it did make you feel so much better. It – the smell of the coffee at sunrise, or the smell of fresh-cut grass in the afternoon, or the smell of the rain in the evening, or the fine aroma of night tuberose from your neighbor’s garden.Of course, all these notes of nature and much more of them make our life beautiful. Do you have your favorite fragrant note, a note that makes you feel happy, or that awakens your most beautiful memories?


Florencia® would like to introduce you to Florencia Collection Life is Beautiful Perfume. All perfumes are like a pyramid – they have top notes, heart notes and base notes. The top notes attract us and then dissipate in about 20 min. The scent is changing, and the heart of the perfume is waking up to life on the person who wears it, while the base notes are uniting the uniqueness of the person with the aroma of designer perfumes. Fragrances will smell different on every person, and the scent on your wrist will be unlike the smell in the bottle.

Enjoy a beautiful journey. Put a drop of this unique perfume on your wrist and breathe in this little moment of magic. Perhaps a moment of joy you have been awaiting for so long or a moment of joy you’d like to never end…Florencia Collection “Life is Beautiful” will bring you smiles and happiness even in a cloudy day and will make every day special.

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